Friday, August 13, 2010

Word power

Carter's first (correctly pronounced) two syllable word was cookie.
First three syllable word:  Banana
First four syllable word:  Galileo (thank you baby einstein)
First five syllable word....drum roll please......CONGRATULATIONS!  As in 'congratulations to Aunt Bethany and Uncle Joe'  (yea, I know we're a little late, but I swear, we've been working on it since before your wedding!)  So a belated congratulations to the newly weds!  

Working on a video to add soon, promise :)

In other news, I enjoyed a wonderful getaway weekend trip to Dallas where I met up with friends to relax, dine and lounge poolside at the fabulous Casa de Riddell and it was here that I witnessed the adorable Miss Reeses Pieces bang out the 'may I's' like nobody's business.  Seeing another toddler capable of such politeness, I decided it was time to hold Carter to a higher standard with the manner words.  I can say that he is now totally able to get anything he wants from me with his, "May I have name it,...puhlease mommy?? (insert adorable smile to melt your heart and seal the deal)." He even managed to sweet talk me into letting him have oatmeal AND yogurt on the morning that the realtor was coming to photograph the house.  (half an hour later, I am scrubbing gunk off the wall as the realtor is ringing the doorbell).  So there you have it, I am a gigantic sucker victim of my own success :)   

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