Friday, August 13, 2010

Red White and Blueberries

Fantastic low key fourth of July weekend. Saturday we made a whole event out of our trip to the apple store to pick up our new computer!! The purchase was over a year in the making, so a little celebratory Starbucks and Cinnabon was definitely in order along with a little playtime at the mall's indoor playground to keep the two year old from self-imploding after an hour in the stroller.

Sunday we had the pleasure of enjoying the baptism of Jack's future wife (yes, I believe fully in arranged marriages now that I am a parent). Then my dad came over and we grilled some hot dogs and set off a few fireworks. I discovered I am a bit of pyromaniac. Not overly surprising to anyone that knows me, I'm sure.

Monday was equally fantastic. We slept in a little, then took a trip out to Moorhead Blueberry Farm. It was AMAZING. Definitely check this place out if you are in the Houston area! It was exactly what you picture a pick-your-own blueberry farm to be...quaint, picturesque, oh and did I mention it's FREE to go?? Absolutely no admission cost, and the delicious, organic blueberries are all $1.50 a pound! They also do not discourage 'sampling' and welcome kids of all ages...translation: when your two year old eats more blueberries than they pick, you won't getting anything but a beaming smile from the owners.

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