Monday, August 17, 2009

Slim pickins

That's the best way I can describe Target's maternity selection right now. It was terrible, they had nothing in the way of summer essentials. I was so disappointed because I had pretty much outfitted myself through Target my entire pregnancy with Little C (mostly with winter clothes I can't wear right now!).

Much to my amusement, however, they did have (drumroll)....skinny maternity jeans! Yes, you heard right and no, I could not believe my eyes. To each their own, but when I'm growing in every direction but up, jeans with the word 'skinny' in the definition are NOT what I want to be sporting. I mean they are not even flattering on the model in the photo! 20 bucks says every pair, size 6 and larger, are on the clearance rack in less than a month.

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megan said...

WOW!! Why in the world would they think a pregnant woman would wear something that tight on her butt and want to accentuate a huge belly and hips by making her ankles look tiny?! Obviously these were thought up by a man who's never been around a pregnant woman!