Monday, August 31, 2009

Pics of our Portland/Seattle trip

Also know as the trip we canceled to afford our new hardwood floors before the baby's arrival!

We put them in the dining room

Living Room

Hallway and Playroom

Excuse the mess, still in the process of getting all the furniture moved back, cleaning and getting unpacked from our trip (Little C and I left town for the week while the work was being done).

Of course the money we saved for our Seattle/Portland trip didn't exactly cover the entire cost of the new floors. I wrote the check for the second half of the total on my birthday, and I would say it was the single best birthday present I could have gotten - thank you Mr. C!

With all this hard surface being installed, I've been on a mad rug hunt for the last month.

The faux bois rug pictured here was initially purchased for the dining room....

I hated it in the dining room. I felt like I it didn't fit the dining room decor at all and I am leaning towards this rug instead.

Since I don't hate the rug, I am debating putting it in the living room (keep in mind the rug is just rolled out here, and not in the right spot, plus the couch is only will be replaced with something less red in the near future).

My goal would be to downplay the zebra-like patter of the faux bois with a lot of neutrals, some gray blue and green accents and some ornate/French-inspired accessories for something that ultimately looks/feels a little like this when I'm all done.

What are your thoughts??? You can vote anonymously up in the top right corner or if you're brave just leave a comment and let me know what you think! :)

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Kristen said...

LOVE the new hardwood floors! I might be asking you lots of questions in the near future about the details of shopping for them and any advice/suggestions you have.