Thursday, January 17, 2013

Fast, Good AND Cheap!

Have you heard that saying "Fast, Good, or Cheap; you only get 2"? Well my little project today was all three! That hardly ever happens for me on projects, except this time.
I wanted to keep the cutting boards in my cabinet upright - I was sick of them being stacked, but even though they were a pain to put away and get out, I didn't want to do anything complicated, permanent or expensive.  Enter Pinterest!  Saw a genius idea for using tension rods in cabinets to store baking sheets and decided to give it a try for my cutting board dilemma.
Tension rods were from Amazon, and 4 rods (2 x 2-packs) cost about $22 (free shipping thanks to amazon prime trial).  The whole project took maybe 5 minutes to install (include opening the package and unwrapping them).  The clearance was tight - exactly 11", so they just barely fit, but they were high enough quality that I was able to use some muscle to get them into place without bending them.  Like I said, Fast, Good AND Cheap!!

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