Thursday, June 23, 2011

Slipping Through the Cracks

No new posts lately because we've been incredibly busy, and because I'm desperate to get to a stopping point so I can print the blog.  A few posts seem to have slipped through the cracks over the past three years, and this post is purely to remind myself of events I want to document with some date-adjusted posts before printing.  I'll try to update this with hyper-links as I get the new/old posts up for the few of you who actually read this (i.e grandparents).

Carter's 2nd Birthday Party Pics - Pancakes in Pajamas Theme
Jack's Baptism
Stephen's Surprise 30th Birthday Party Pics
5th Anniversary trip to Seattle/Portland Pics
Running/Broken Toe
Jack's 1st Birthday Party Pics - Tough Cookie Theme
Carter's School Picture
Carter's 3rd Birthday
First Family vacation to Galveston
Stephen's 31st Birthday
Stephen's New Job
6th Anniversary/Trip to New Orleans
New House - 'Before' and 'Progress' Pics (haven't quite gotten to the 'afters' yet).

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Leanne said...

So, question: What do you mean, print the blog? Also, I'd love to see some pots on all of the things you listed, especially Jack's First Birthday!