Thursday, April 21, 2011

No words...

well, maybe a few because JACK WALKED TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I just am so overwhelmed with emotion right now.  I am extremely disappointed I didn't get to see it - Mr. C had that honor.  I'm also secretly in disbelief that maybe it didn't happen at all, just because I can hardly believe it finally happened!

Ok, so I have to back up...Jack has had lots of minor motor skill issues (for unknown reasons) since he was tiny.  He is right on target for all the cognitive milestones, but has been in physical therapy for almost a year now to help him learn to sit, stand, pull up, etc.  Honestly I am so glad he is our second child because I have been able to take the delays more gracefully that I would if this were my first rodeo.

Anyway, I had gotten so used to Jack needing to be carried everywhere, that I think I kinda forgot he'd eventually walk.  I know that makes no sense, but it's like waiting for a package that takes so long to arrive, you forget about it, until it lands on your doorstep.  Well, when Mr. C called down to me this evening to tell me that Jack walked, I was in complete shock!  I was so relieved and happy and in disbelief and also a little sad to be reminded that Jack is actually growing up (despite my best efforts to convince myself he'll be a baby forever), that I just started bawling.  I sobbed...and I'm sobbing now...there are just no words...well, maybe a "we love you Jack!!"  and "we are so incredibly proud of you and grateful to be your parents...may all the shocks we get from you in life be as wonderful as this one!!! :)