Thursday, May 13, 2010

5 months and the big switch

Jack is now 5 months old! I can't believe it. He is my little peanut and just a light bright spot in our lives. He's THE best baby ever, and is sweet as can be and just the happiest little guy. He's chunking up and has these precious little baby thighs. He has rolled from front to back a couple of times and from his side to his front/back a few times, but for the most part, he's pretty content wherever you set him down. I have to really work at playing with him as dilligently as I should, because he is so un-demanding, it's easy to get caught up in laundry or a phone call and just let him hang out in his jumper or on his activity mat. We are still in the bassinet, but will be making the big switch just as soon as the nursery is done (which is should be by this weekend!). I am honestly finding myself reluctant to let him leave our room. He's been sleeping through the night like a champ for a while now, but he's just my little buddy and his happy smiling face is such a treat to wake up to. Plus, I just like having him close by.
We've gradually been working up to the move, though. We moved the baby monitor out of Carter's room a few weeks ago which was probably harder on me than on Carter. There have been one or two mornings he was up before anyone else and we didn't hear him, but nothing terrible or traumatic has come from that. I still make Mr. C leave our door open so I can hear him in case he crys at night, and I check on him at least once in the night to make sure he is ok.
We have had some other big changes around here recently...we have started transitioning to cloth diapers. Cost/Savings and environmental impact were the two big motivators for me, and it is something I had been wanting to do since Carter was really small, but was just very intimidated by the idea. So far, so good, though. I can guarantee you, it's not what I imagined. I think I pictured beating cloth rags against a rock down by the river or something, but the new generation of cloth diapers is nothing like the days of yore when our parents put us in the plastic pants and secured the cloth lining with those giant safety pins. There are a ton of websites and blogs and such that are completely devoted to the subject so I'll spare you the details of how we came to our product decision, but if you are interested, we are using the bumgenius 3.0. We invested in 18 of them, and have started with diapering Jack, and hope to have Carter in cloth diapers by the end of the summer.

Up top is a shot of our happy sweet 5 month old boy and his adorable earth friendly tushie :)

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How exciting! Rolling over is so fun. I love me some bumgenius! Hey talk to heather n at mops she has some for sale I believe because her little guy's legs are too skinny.