Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Christmas Story

Five celebrations
Four different cities
Three in-car feedings
Two pooped parents
And a perfect first Christmas!

You'll have to forgive this post, it's mainly for posterity (i.e. to have when I print this all out at the end of baby C's first year and keep in lieu of that scrapbook I'll never do).

Our little guy got his first cold and ran his first fever shortly before the holidays, but he was a trooper for all the celebratory activity despite a stuffy/runny nose. We started our busy Christmas off with a perfect little celebration just the three of us (plus the cats) on the morning of Christmas Eve. I had every intention of doing a lot more to help Santa out (since we had arranged for him to come early), but I got sick too and was down for the count on Christmas Eve Eve. Luckily Santa didn't need my help and when we woke up the house was all decorated and a brand new carseat was waiting under the tree.

Our (adorable) stockings were filled with goodies and after breakfast we all opened presents and played. Santa even converted the munchkin's excersaucer into its walk-up counterpart (since he would rather stand to play than be contained/restrained in any way shape or form).

Next, we loaded the Rav 4 to the brim with presents and more baby paraphernalia than you can imagine and headed to my parent's house in LJ. We arrived just in time for a yummy salmon dinner (Mr. C is used to a tradition of sour cream enchiladas on Christmas Eve, but even he admitted the menu wasn't too shabby). As is the tradition at my house, we all got to open one present then it was off to bed. Christmas morning I enjoyed sleeping in while Grammy took over feeding the munchkin his breakfast. The little C got to try some sliced bananas for the first time and had a lot of fun (even got a few in his mouth!) Christmas service at my childhood church was next, and it was very cool to sit in the same sanctuary I had been brought up in, baptized and married in with my own child. After church we headed back to my parent's house for the Christmas feast and then some more present opening. It was a perfect Christmas day.

The next morning (Boxing Day as it is celebrated in the UK!) we stuffed ourselves in the car and headed to Victoria, TX for Christmas with Mr. C's side of the family. More delicious Christmas feasting was enjoyed followed by the opening of just a few gifts :). Then Carter's great grandparents from Austin along with a great uncle and aunt arrived and more feasting and merry making was enjoyed before bed.

The next morning was busy as we proceeded to get all dolled up for a big picture with Mr. C's mom's family. With 20 adults and 6 kids under 7 running around, it was a bit hectic, but we got some really nice shots. After the photo session, we feasted yet again and then exchanged a few more gifts. After that, we gathered 'round the piano and sang traditional Christmas carols, and after that we hung out in the living room and sang some less-traditional Christmas songs like Robert Earl Keen's 'Merry Christmas from the Family' and everyone's favorite 'This is a Christmas Song, Shake Your Booty!' (which my niece danced gleefully along to).

The next morning we all packed up and headed out bright and early to Austin to visit great grandma and grandpa C and enjoy a celebration with Mr. C's dad's family. Feasting and gift exchanges were involved in the celebration, but more than anything, it was a wonderful visit with family and perfect end to our Christmas vacation.

So, Little man, your first Christmas was wonderful - we truly celebrated the birth of our Lord with lots of love, family, laughter, food, fun and gifts. You are so blessed to have had the opportunity to share the celebration with four of your seven living great-grandparents, and those memories are so priceless and will be cherished always.

As you grow, I look forward to being able to teach you the deeper meaning behind all our celebrating. That Christmas is the day our Savior was born. He came into an imperfect world and gave us all hope. He showed us how to live and love, and gave us the opportunity to live forever in a place of peace and happiness. We celebrate His birth because His life gives us life!

Merry Christmas my love. I look forward to many more special memories. Love, Mommy.

Dec 2008

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