Sunday, September 7, 2008

Smiley Magoo

It seems somewhere along the way Carter picked up the nickname "Smiley Magoo" - I'm not positive where the name originated, but I'm sure the fact that Carter's adorable friend Reese is called "Squeaks Magee" had something to do with it. Not to mention that with his bald head, round nose and toothless grin, Carter really does bear a striking resemblance to the lovable Mr. Magoo. All that aside, I think the main reason the nickname stuck is, when our little guy isn't dealing with digestion issues, he's really a VERY happy baby. He smiles ALL the time at just about anyone and everyone - it's ridiculous. If not for his reflux, I think we'd truly have the happiest baby on the block. And even when he's not the happiest, he's always the cutest :)

Anyway, enough gushing, here are some great pictures of our little Smiley Magoo!


The Riddells said...

Oh my gosh, these are the cutest pictures ever! We need to get Reese and Carter together again so they can squeak and smile together and hold hands again...:)

Carlton Hendrix said...

Wow, he's getting big! Can't wait to see y'all again. Hope all is well and there was no major damage from the storm! -Carlton

Ali and Eric said...

ahhh, pictures like these make me SO excited to have a baby. Carter is adorable! It was good to see you at the wedding AND at the bachelorette party - you are seriously a trooper.